Na Halloween przygotowałyśmy z moimi koleżankami zabawy dla uczniów ze szkoły podstawowej. Dzieci bawiły się świetnie! Jestem usatysfakcjonowana tym, że mogłam pomoc przy tym wydarzeniu i być częścią grupy, która wywołała uśmiech na twarzach dzieci z podstawówki!



An idea to organize Halloween for kids came to my mind. I asked a few of my friends if they would be interested in taking part in such a thing and help me with organizing it. As I found few people who were interested in working with kids, later on, I asked Mrs Magda Seroczyńska CAS coordinator for her opinion and if she would let me do something like this in our school. As my first action, I decided not to start something hard and that’s why I decided to organize it for kids from primary school. I talked with the primary school coordinator Mr Adam Gosney to ask for his opinion and if he would let me do something like this. After I introduced my idea to the coordinators and saw the possibility to do it I talked with the form tutors of three PY1 classes and agreed on time when we could take the responsibility of the class. We organized three parts for the Halloween a 10 minute game for the whole class that is called ‘musical chairs’ and was a really good idea as all the kids loved it. Then we divided a class into two groups and one group had an opportunity to taste a candy after which he/she had to guess the taste of the candy. The second group could get their face painted. The kids were excited and enjoyed all the games which made all of us happy. As the main point of organizing this Halloween was to give children the opportunity to spend their time enjoying the games and we were happy that we could achieve that.


Photo taken by International European School * Warsaw