UNICEF Akcja: Spraw, aby dzieci z Syrii przetrwały zimę!

As for our Project, we wanted to choose an issue with a serious global importance. As the Syrian Civil War is an ongoing conflict for over 7 years, the damages are huge and local population is suffering. Such long conflicts result in fundamental changes to the society and how it functions.

We wanted to help the little ones, who have no impact on the conflict itself. We believe that children lose the most during wars, as education could be suspended and their lives are at huge risk. With no access to the safe drinking water and safe shelter. Such experiences and memories will haunt them for their entire lives, thus it is very important to provide help in the region.

Unicef organized an action that allows schools to take part in raising funds for the help provided to children. Then, collected funds will be used to buy necessary equipment for the war times and hermetically packed food. Such sets provided to children and families will make it much easier for them to survive difficult times of the civil war.

In order to organize such action in our school we carefully prepared the plan. Our school offers education from preschool up to the high school. In our situation we decided to conduct series of presentations to primary school students. Most affected children in Syria are in their age, thus the content of the presentation had much more bigger impact than on the older students.

In our presentations we included basic facts about Syria and how the civil war started. We did not use complicated numbers and statistics, rather we concentrated on conveying the message further. Through images of destroyed cities and affected children we wanted to show how lives of children in their age might be different and how they cope with such difficult situation.

After the presentations we organized a bake-sale. It was the most appropriate option to pursue. We baked cakes and cookies by ourselves and other students brought theirs. Through a bake sale children knew that they are not buying cookies to just it them, but they were aware that the cookie they buy, might be a life-saving donation. We collected sufficient amount to buy two most-advanced packages or more of the less-advanced packages. We believe that with donation our project made Unicef will be able to support children and families in Syria affected by the war effort.