Group4Project – Spare Time Planning

Group4Project – Spare Time Planning

Sports Competitions

During the Group4Project Oliwier Tetkowski, Michele Roccheggiani Alonso and Franek Chudak organised several tournaments and events, to engage HS2 and HS1 students to perform some activities in their spare time.

First, they organised a table tennis tournament after which, following an intense final match, Jonathan Hatton Jones reigned supreme. Many students took part and even some of the teachers were captivated by the competition. Apart from this being a splendid form of entertainment it was also a spectacle based on integration, friendship and of course cheering.

For those not enticed by the table tennis  tournament, there was a second event organised. Namely, a two day long volleyball game with interchangeable squads (in order to spice things up). This game rewarded many winners and losers.


Bonfire Help

Sports activities over prolonged periods of time tend to be quite taxing on the body, so Michele, Oliwier and Franek offered  to help the exhausted athletes in preparing their food and drinks. They were, unsurprisingly rewarded with great gratitude not only by the teachers, but by the students as well. Some of them even expressed, that they will deeply cherish the memory of this bonfire.