MUN Stuttgart

Photo taken by MF


In October 2016, a delegation of 7 students from our school took part in the MUN conference in Stuttgart. It is a simulation of the United Nations conference, during which each delegate represents an assigned country in one of various committees. The structure of the simulation is similar to the actual UN conferences, delegates are obliged to dress formally and use specific, diplomatic language (delegates are not to speak in first person, as it is important to represent the country’s view not your own).

Subjects of the conferences are very diverse- starting from preventing terrorism, ending with unification of prisoner rights. These are not easy subjects, so participation in the conference takes many hours of preparation.

After a few days of committee sessions, the delegates come to a conclusion and form a resolution, which is a solution to a conflict or problem. During the General Assembly these resolutions are then presented to all of the delegates and everyone comes to a final discussion. At the end of the GA all of the countries vote and if more than 50% vote in favour, the resolution passes. In the real UN this means implementing it into real life.

MUNs are a great opportunity to find confidence and perfect your public speaking skills. It is a fun and stimulating experience in which you can make new friends with many interesting people from all over the world.